Saturday, December 26, 2009

step aside chef wan, there's a new chef in town...

it's rare that men can cook better than the women and it's only few who stood well like the famous chef wan. however when we look at the hotel and restaurant there were the man who conquered the kitchen area. so men do succeed in cooking. this a man who i found out his talent and specialty lies in the heart of kitchen. i'm talking about my father, Mr. Ismail Bin Majid who amazed me and also the rest of my family with his ability in cooking.

My dad was busy making the right combination and ingredients to be put in.. this was made during the eve of Hari Raya Qurban and i also lending help for my father..

My dad made some of his own initiative where he put toppings on top of the muffins and as you can see there are syrup toppings and butter toppings that are tasty and finger licking good..

This is some of the muffins that made and my father put raisins and almond flake..

My dad or i can call him Chef Ismail, who was satisfied with all his made muffins and the muffins were delicious and even many praised my father and surprised too.. my aunt also ask the muffins recipe from my father.. enough said, i'm proud of you Mr. Chef in the house..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

a fascinating investigation...

at first me and my friends decided to watch avatar at pavillion.. and when we arrived, there a lot people queued up to buy the tickets and most of them buying for the night ones.

then we decided to window shopping and went to the nike and adidas stores and also searched for the delicious heaven made bread of roti boy.. but unfortunate the much gigantic and wonderful building does not have shop for the famous roti boy..

after finished there we went to the galaxie ampang and opted to watch the new movie called sherlock holmes starring robert downey junior (iron man) and jude law (A.I). based on the famous novel and the cast itself you can predict that this movie will be a hit one.. and it duly delivered in a fashionable style.. the director integrated recipes that moviegoers were looking for that are action, comedy, mystery, investigation and a bit of romance that binds well to be an excellent story indeed..

it started with sherlock holmes and his sidekick known as doctor watson who failed the ritual sacrifice of the evil, mysterious and magician lord blackwood.. after been captured and sentenced to death, he only said "death is only just a beginning".. after been declared dead by dr. watson, the chaotic erupted in the city of london where lord blackwood had rise back from the death...

and from that on sherlock holmes combined with watson to investigate the mystery of the death lord blackwood who tends to plot a threat to all england... then the adventure begins.. the story was a very good one from start to finish and this film really caught my eyes as i am not remember the last time that an investigation movie that fascinated me like this one..

a very strong recommendation for this and i will be expecting sherlock holmes to be in action again... 9 and a half out of ten for this movie...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

in vientiane we conquered...

1989, kuala lumpur.. merdeka stadium.. where the last one that m'sia football team achieved the SEA games gold medal.. even our prime minister, didn't remember for how long we last triumph when he said it has been 30 years, when the actually fact number was 20 years.. see, how long m'sia football team last glory was beg?

since the semi pro status been lifted up to professional, only the name stands where the situation and standard were still in limbo.. what's wrong with the national team? there are many reasons that can be seen here, but sadly the same people still rules even though for a very long period but brings no glory for m'sia football.. politics involved to make the matter worsen..

however the story changed in Vientiane, where the young m'sia team got their first ever gold medal by beating vietnam 1-0.. there was hope this time when this team competed in the SEA games where there were many preparations built up like the memorable match between English premier league champions man united not once but twice in the space of three days.. then other games were held in and outside the country in order to prepared them rich in experience..

a lost to Vietnam in the group stage means m'sia path to the semi final as their main target was quickly dashed away when they have to beat the defending champions and mighty Thailand in the last group game.. but the young tigers defy against all odds when they beaten the thais 2-1 even though at one stage they were trailed by a goal down.. but the players fought hard and got the two goals inside the last ten minutes..

then the hopes were all over again and this time the target was achieved when they met Laos.. they eased past the home team 3-1.. the final showdown began against Vietnam again.. the boys beat them courtesy of their own goal but what counted it was m'sia was the champions and end the gold medal drought for 20 years.. there were many chances but the players lacked the killer instinct and the calmness.. sometimes they make silly and funny mistakes that should not be done by a national player.. but all that can be improved in the near future and hope this will bring a new dawn of era for the m'sia football.. congrats players.. in Vientiane at last we conquered and raised our national flag in style..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

don't turn off the lights...

this lovely Thursday evening i filled up my activity with went to swimming pool, after that get hot in the sauna room and lastly entertained myself with the latest movie that hit into the cinema called 'Ninja Assassin'...

it was created by the producer of 'The Matrix' and you can expected some classy and slow motion effects and that's what you got when watch this film.. starring rain as the main actor, this movie started when rain was adopted at the ninja training place somewhere was well hidden.. after learned the art of ninja, rain discovered that the ninja approach were not suited and acceptable to taken no more.. so he decided to went against his mentor and many of his brothers..

with the help of mika, raizo aka rain, tried to discover and fought against all the assassins and rain also been hunted down by the ninja assassins.. with beautiful special effects and a well crafted fighting sequence, this movie can make you feel upside down.. it have a little bit like '300' where the blood of the fight spilled everywhere but the color of blood doesn't seem real to me unfortunately..

this movie entertained and was a cool one and it was a satisfaction guaranteed. i gave 8 out of 10 for Ninja Assassin.. don't turn off the lights because the ninja like dark places and maybe they are behind you right now.. if you still don't understand by what i meant, then you have to watch this movie..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

is this the end for human kind?

the date is 12 December 2012 where according to reports and believes this date is the time where apocalypse struck the world.. it is told that the earth itself have a time frame before it is self destruct and only lasted for 5,125 years.. i seriously don't believe at all of this assumptions and just watched the movie for fun..

at first i thought that this movie is about Apocalypse where all of human kind will be perish, but i was tricked by the trailer where i saw like a tons of comet hit to the ground from the sky but actually it was an explosion from the volcano that spills the rock that looks like a comet or a meteor..

all of this happened because of the mantel of the earth which based on the lowest ground of the earth stomach (if you learn science you will actually know what i meant by this) starts not to stable which leads to the hot water at the lake, the earthquake, the tsunami and many more.

the movie was a good one where the visual and special effects draw the main attention.. you can see the chaos, how earth and mother nature eat all the buildings, the destructions, all leads to catastrophic. the storyline was also okay.. as so you know that when they making movies like this they tend to put themselves as the one who can run and save themselves.. they have all the technologies, super computer, its all about american.. i seriously doubt that the presiden of united states will stay at the white house at that time of terror.. american is so damn funny about this thing..

when the real apocalypse come, the real end of days of all human kind, the american or whoever will not gonna escape from it..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

it's time to hold hands together....

yesterday i was involved for the 'RIMUP' program.. or known as 'Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan'.. there are four schools that been involved that is my school, SK Taman Nirwana, SK Ampang, SJK Tamil and SJK Cina.. the objective of the program is to unite all the races together by bringing them to Zoo negara and Aquaria KLCC..

this indeed was a good program because students can learn and know how to mingle with other races and make friends..

this program have to be running in order to exposed the students how important to respect other races and to help each other without looking at their races, skin colors and religion.. its a 1 Malaysia concept and we have to be proud that our country were blessed with unity and prosperity unlike other countries.. so it is time to hold hands together and be one.....

arrived at zoo negara 9.30 am.. the students were separated in eight groups and combined chinese, indian and malay.. they were given chocolate bread and water for their breakfast before entering zoo negara..

taking picture in front of the lions' stature inside zoo negara..

after a long walk, its time to have a a big plate in your mouth and what could even be better that your lunch was KFC.. before the packages arrived, i asked my group to asked about their new friends and know each of them better.. we ate together happily and silence because many of them were hungry.. hehehe..

it was fun watching the students walk along the 90 meter tunnel feeling amazed when they saw hundreds of fish swimming around and some caught their eyes like sharks..

this are some of my students that i had to watch and take care..

anyone for a dessert?

when age is a factor.....

last Saturday, i came to rawang when my ex students invited me to play with his team.. pemuda umno selayang want to create a football academy for the youngsters based in rawang and this is a golden opportunity for the young ones to have a go in their football path.. they are looking for players under 21.. so my students even have to hide my identity when they called me 'abang' on and off the pitch..

there were 6 teams came and there were several scout that are looking for players.. my team played tow games one lost and one win.. there was one scout who came to me and asked about my age and when he knew about it he smiled and said "too bad that you are above 21".. i just smiled back at him.. if i'm 21 and below probably i'm in the academy squad but age proved to be a stumbling block for me.. well age is a factor for me, hehe.. nevertheless, it was fun being there..

when you are a selangor fan and have watched them play, when the opportunity came along so you have to take picture as a remembrance even though i didn't recognized asmawi bakiri when he first came to the field because he changed a lot particularly with the weight and age itself..

the event concluded with the appearance of Asmawi Bakiri the ex Selangor player who plays in the mid 90's era came as an advisor and coaching staff for the academy pemuda umno selayang.. he gave a bit of encouragement and motivation to all the players.. he also acknowledged 2 teams that he saw outstanding in the game, one it is my students team and the other one is from batu 16..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

i did it my way...

the thing that you always wanted to do when you watch movies that seen the students graduating and threw away their hats.. that also we done to conclude our photograph session in a memorable style... in the process, we switched our hat because we don't know which one is ours so we grabbed the hat that we saw on the grass, hehe..

the closest friend that i have during the learning process, it was sad that some of my friends could not graduated due to thesis paper complication, but nevertheless it was great having your friends that worked together with you in completing the assignments, making presentation, study for final exam together and shared the laugh and sorrow together were the best thing in my life...

what more can make you happy when you can take pictures with those who fight for their life's for this degree and to share the same laughter together is indeed a wonderful moment...

the first important thing in your academic studies is when you were able to showed that you had finished your degree programmed successfully and told to them that you will be graduating is the best news for them to hear from you.. they felt that all their hard work and sacrificed had came to a beautiful path that only start in a new tunnel of life and carrier... so after 4 years of headache and difficulties i can only say that i achieved my historical graduation with the suitable word "I did it my way".........

not so hot at all....

jennifer's body is a movie that sells megan fox body, sexiness, kisses, hot scene and the appearance of the character itself.. while it is undeniable that megan fox was so damn hot, however, the storyline doesn't hot at all..

in the opening 15 minutes, the story relates audience to no where which it's disappointing.. then when the movie developed more, the story expanded on how jennifer acted like that in the school..

when i first saw the trailer, i think this movie was great, but there's nothing much to tell about the greatness of the film.. it just megan fox who portrayed a different role compared to those we watched on the transformers movie.. she's a naughty girl and evil and there's a devil inside her body..

overall, it was an average movie that are suitable to watch only in your pc..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

what's with the banned?

one of quentin tarantino finest piece of work.. a brand new thriller that sells organ's to the highest bidder among top nations.. this is truly gonna make u feel sick watching it.. but it was worth watching it...

was banned because of the title of the movie itself.. starring ben affleck as the red devil and witnessed the debut of collin farrel in the industry with the role of villain called 'bullseye'..

one of the film that bring new heights of fear when this was based on the true story that happened in texas.. at the end of the show it showed the footage of the real scene and until now the fed's cannot solve the brutal killer...

the story.....

i seriously don't know what's wrong with the lembaga penapisan filem in malaysia (LPF). many movies outside cannot be shown here because the people in there (LPF) considered some (not all movies outside m'sia) were so violence, sexiness, the dialog are not suitable, the title of the movie does not look appropriate and many more reasons that i found not so logical to accepted.. and thus been banned in the malaysian cinema..

they think with that kind of action they can make movie lovers to avoid from watching these films, but guess what, they were totally wrong because when people cannot see the movie that they want to see earlier in the cinema, they will end up in buying pirate vcd and dvd's that is like goreng pisang panas.. and remember with internet around, the process of getting the movie is so much easy..

therefore, the advertisement that not encouraged people to buy dvd pirate and download this movies seems such a waste of time.. one of the movie been banned was 'Daredevil' because of the title itself. what the fish??? i cannot accepted it.. but i watched the movie anyway...

then came along 'Hellboy' they changed the title to 'Super sapiens' oh my what a horrible name to changed.. and strangely, for the second movie, they didn't changed the name and just stick it with 'hellboy 2' very2 funny this type of people..

many more films that they banned such as 'Saw movies', the latest one called 'Paranormal activity', the texas chain massacre, kill bill vol 1, hostel, halloween, just to name a few really annoys me.. my father once said to me when i posed to him this question and he said "what to do, because this people are old crap people"..

Monday, October 26, 2009

more than meets the eye..

with my classmates having a chit chat together..

one of the few chicks that caught my eyes :P

left beside me i dont even know this hot chick but taken a picture is a must, hehehe..

good old times.....

what more special at the gathering when you win yourself a lucky draw hamper, this is the 1st time i was lucky in the lucky draw.. just wish it was a car or LCD 42 inch tv, hehehe.. but im stil lucky :P

its good to met your old friend and talk about what's going on in each other life, so its fun to be here...

location: hale's kitchen, kg. baru..

SMKPJ reunion batch 85, after 7 years missing due to furthering carrier in academics now been given the opportunity to met with my fellow members.. many of them are working and some of them getting engaged and married, even had children.. so 7 years its a long time.. some of my friends cannot attend the reunion due to many reasons.. but still its a good gathering.. credit for those who organized this reunion...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a trip to remembered....

where do you want to spend the first day when you arrived in penang? the answer is at ferringhi beach, one of the beautiful beach sceneries in the island of pearl.. taken picture is a must.. one of my favorite posing and picture..

after finished posing and be model, its time to wash and get surf by the dazzling beach and waves..

the second day of event we started by going to the toy museum which located on the way to ferringhi beach.. one of the largest toy museum in the world so far.. inside there are thousands toys been displayed from the little and tiny ones to the biggest and gigantic ones as same size as me.. there were the famous toys like star wars, the matrix, spider man, wolverine, harry potter and lots lots more.. it was fun being there and so much pictures to be taken once you in the toy's museum..

this picture taken in front of masjid melayu, one of the oldest mosque been built in penang.. surrounded by old shops it makes the environment looked fresh like in the 70's.. very beautiful and strong mosque indeed..

im the one who noticed first when there is a long gun or known in malay as (senapang gajah) were being displayed along with a soldier hat that looked stylish to wear during the war.. so im taking the advantage of being the first person to capture this special moment and sign off to battle and defends fort Cornwallis from intruders.. beware i am sergeant topek..

one of the places you must visit.. fort cornwallis where history in penang were best remembered during the francis light era.. one of the most important person is the guard who kept the place safe from anyone who doesn't pay the ticket to enter the area that is the red uniform officer who kept his identity name unknown because he's not wearing any name tag...

to all the father's out there......

i watched papadom at queensbay mall in penang, one of the largest shooping complex in penang..
my friend said that this movie was great and i never doubted the ability and the creativity given by the talented afdlin shauki who made this movie as one of the movie you, son and daughter and all the papa's out there have to watch... the other reason i watched this film because the movie also been filming in penang and i was in penang having vacation with my friends so this is a very special occasion to watch this film more.. to added further more, the film won many awards even before it was shown in the cinema tells you that this film is the film to watch..

papadom is a stroy of a man called saadom who made and sell nasi kandar and also a large papadom in penang.. from a small stall he worked hard until he have many branches in malaysia and at the same time he got a very cute daughter name miasara but unfortunately he doesnt have the time for mia because he was busy with his nasi kandar and papadom business until the death of his wife really open his eyes in taking care of his one and only daughter...

this movie showed a very good messages and also bring comedies and laughter to you.. apart from that it also grab your emotions in some part and you wanted the best for your daughter.. to find a father like this in our era were impossible but being a father is just not raising our child and see them success, but also to cherish and care them in the process..

i hope one day i will be a good father in raising my children well in all aspects..

not the bruce willis film that i enjoyed watching...

surrogates is a film where robots is being applied in everyone life.. there is no pain, no fear and no shame in one's life.. you controlled your own's robot and moves through robots that is very much the same like you and even you can make it looked younger and more energy as your age catches on you..

the crime rate dropped drastically reaching to 99% but when the first murder in years jolts this utopia, FBI agent Greer (Willis) discovers a vast conspiracy behind the surrogate phenomenon and must abandon his own surrogate, risking his life to unravel the mystery.

enough said for this movie because the storyline was too slow, the action were too few and i miss the likes of die hard 4.0 where bruce willis at his best but this movie was really disappointing and i was shocked to see how this film being rated high... no wonder terminator 3 was a flop because it was the same director who made this film.. too sad.. but bruce, it was not your fault, i still enjoyed your die hard movies...

people, make way.... tsunami is coming......

its been a long since i had wrote in my blog due to hectic and busy schedules that surrounds me, but i like it because im busy doing something from nothing.. so after all the activities i done through, im able to write again in my blog because im missing it to tell and share my stories... so i began with the movie that i watched in the cinema called Tsunami at Haeundae...

the film was based on Korea where the geological research had discovers the East Sea showing signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at the time of the 2004 Tsunami. Despite his warnings, the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is in no harm of being hit but on a hot summer day, a super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae at 500 miles per hour.

then the tsunami attacked and the chaotic of all the citizens in Haeundae started screaming and ran for their life... the story began slowly where it showed the life in the city and after half an hour it begins to expand the action of the tsunami....

the storyline was interesting because it also combines the likes of final destination where in one scene at the bridge there was a man who escaped his life through from the contena that were dropped from the ship above the bridge.. there were also humor in the story that was fun to watch and dont worry im not going to tell you that..

apart from that, the movie certainly will touch your emotions with the sad moments and as an Asian im proud to say that Korean had produced a very descent film and enjoyable to watch..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

selamat menyambut hari raya aildilfitri kepada semua..

setelah sebulan berpuasa, tibalah syawal yang bakal menjelang menjelang esok pagi bersamaan dengan 20 september 2009 yang jatuh pada hari ahad menandakan berakhirnya puasa di bulan ramadhan di mana seluruh umat islam meraikan kejayaan menyambut aildilfitri bersama dengan insan2 yang tersayang..

dikesempatan ini, saya Muhammad Taufiq Bin Ismail ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua insan yang mengenali diri ini.. saya ingin memohon maaf zahir dan batin di selangi dengan pohon 1o jari andai selama ini ada terkasar bahasa, perbuatan yang tidak menyenagkan, pernah mengguriskan hati sesiapa, pernah menyakiti sesiapa secara langsung atau tidak langsung.. semua yang buruk datang dari saya dan yang baik datang dari Allah S.W.T..

mohon kemaafan kepada kedua ibu bapa yang tercinta, adik2 yang disayangi, kedua nenek yang dirahmati, kepada rakan2 rapat di ampang, kepada rakan2 yang selalu di ingati di unisel, kepada rakan2 seperjuangan di sekolah kebangsaan taman nirwana, kepada warga sekolah menengah kebangsaan seri garing, kepada saudara mara yang dikasihi dan kepada semua yang mengenali diri ini sama ada yang jauh dan juga yang dekat..

moga lebaran syawal yang bakal menyusur ini akan diraikan dengan penuh kesyukuran, keihklasan dan kegembiraan... salam aidilfitri buat semua :)

p/s harap still dapat duit raya lagi, walaupun peluang agak tipis tapi still berharap jugak, hehehe :P

Sunday, September 13, 2009

you should never had done that, you son of a bitch..

i never taught that emmanuel adebayor aka son of a bitch reacted like that when he up against his former team, a response that everyone not even arsenal fans would like to see.. it is a disgraceful act of him after he scored the third goal, he ran 100 yards to celebrated in front of the arsenal fans.. that is not respect at all.. u said that you a professional and a world class player? but is your attitude reflected all this? shame on you..

tagged by a 25 million miove to manchester city, adebayor dissapointed with the way the arsenal fans reacted to him last year when he got boos by the fans. because of what? because of your lack of commitment towards arsenal.. as a professional player, you had to deal with it as a parcel in your life.. many players run through that kind of period bbut this bastard never knew how to handle the situation and decided to show to the whole world who is the real bastard of adebayor really are..

then he stamped on the face of his former team mate partner striker robin van persie.. van persie screamed in pain as his face was bleeding by the boots of that bastard who replay on the television seems that he intentionally doing that..

what is this? is this how you treated the team that nurturted you to became a world class player by given them your unprofessional and unethical display of stupidity and disgracefully? this scene of incident were unhealty to the football and the sport itself.. i kope that son of a bitch will serve some heavy pinishment from the FA for this kind of act..

never in my life i saw such an incident like this.. i hope you will paid for what you had done.. you and man city can go to hell..

Friday, September 11, 2009

south africa, here we come...

eight games won out of eight was a tremendous achievement for england in the qualifying round of the world cup 2010 held in south africa next year..

the 5-1 trashing of croatia proved to be so sweet for all the england fans who were so damn upset with the lost against the same team that cost england the place in the euro 2008 when they who only needed a draw to advance where beaten by the croats 2-3 at wembley..

euro 2008 was incomplete without england one of the powerhouse in europe but was eliminated and shocked the entire world..

but the script was never to be repeated again under the genius regime of fabulous capello who proved that he can handle the biggest pressure and egos of the england squad.. now england can look forward to south africa and still can built a much stronger team with a vast of many excellent players who can contribute to bring the success since 1966..

so croatia, you can kiss your hopes goodbye and i wish that your team will not going to the world cup so you can experience the same disaster you put me and england two years ago.. astalavista croats, you had been tame by the lions.. Go England!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

your destination ends here..

final destination 4 was the latest installment of the hit franchise that shows about death situation that cannot be avoid at all cost..

this movie represents the horror of death in a tragic way and creepy to watch especially if you wear a 3D glasses that sure will make you feel that you gonna die too..

as usual, there were some part of death been seen as not logic to happened but by the power of the holywood movie maker of this film the death seems to come in any way to you..

the plot was a bit similar in all the past 3 movies where one of the victim was able to have premonition or as a sign that the death is happening to them.. so when they cheated death, the death came to hunt them down..

the story was interesting and the visual effect of the death was disturbing to watch.. sadly the time was short, think the director didn't have any idea more to put on the story..