Thursday, May 20, 2010

interestingly, different....

there is no much hype for the movie called 'the crazies'.. no advertisement, no marketing or whatsoever.. it just pop out in the list of movies at the cinema.. but once i saw the poster, i knew i wanted to see it..

the story began when a bunch of teenagers having a baseball game and suddenly there was a man holding a shot gun stormed through the field.. then came the chief of sheriff and with no other option, he had to gunned the man down to earth.. the man acts kind of strange and the sheriff thought that the man that he knew was drunken and after an autopsy from the doctor proved that the man had not drunken at all.. from there, one by one acted strangely and then havoc runs deep in the small town and panicked were everywhere...

the plot of the story was really awesome and interesting, not other zombie flicks that i had seen before.. the action was great, and added with some suspenses and shocked, this movie was indeed successful in my eyes.. credit to the writer and director of this film..

timothy olyphant (the girl next door and hitman) and radha mitchell (rogue) star in this movies that showed insanity clouded the citizens in a small town.. 8 out of 10 for this nice eye catching that are interestingly, different........

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

as i had expected....

before the Thomas cup event been held i wanted to published what i had thought earlier, but i keep it safe because i just wanted to prove my theory was wrong, but in the end, what i had guess came true...

there are several downfalls that i like to highlighted and the first one is the stupidity of BAM of not having trained earlier at the putra stadium. the squad got their hands on the court just a shy few weeks before it is started and it makes the team same like other opponents who just tested the venue in a nick of a time..

(in our loving memory: 1992)

second our team too much relying on lee chong wei and the burden goes the same to koo kein keat and tan boon heong.. as we all witnessed these two had given the team 2 wins and when they did not performed, so does the rest of the players.. the old ones also fallen down easily like wong chon hann and hafiz hashim.. they were not up to the mark..

and the third one is the performance and the standard are so far far behind the team from great wall of china.. we were easily beaten in our home backyard.. when i saw how lin dan celebrated against chong wei, it rili shows that malaysia are dead meat and it was so irritating how he dance and open his cloth in front of our loyal fans..

to see the badminton squad play like this we just can only dream of capturing the coveted Thomas cup in dream land.. not consistent, not professional like fairuzizuan stupidity, no outstanding player like the rest of the Chinese squad (who can even send two teams) and without a proper development to born a new player like chong wei, it is impossible for Malaysia to gain back the success that we all had been waiting for so long........

(just watched other teams lifted both cups in vain)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

think outside from the box...

i wondered how the FAM people are thinking and is it using their brain? that's the question that triggered from my mind when looked upon selangor embarassing journey in the recent AFC cup.. they only got one win, a draw and lose four from their six games in the group stage..

when we see other teams who are competing in the cup, they have import players.. that was the difference between selangor and the rest of the teams.. in 2006, where the red giants first competed in the cup via winning the Malaysia cup in 2005, and with the help with the foreign players, selangor set their feet in the quarter final before bow out to a Lebanon side..

that's tell us the huge factor when we are missing the import players.. there are many reasons to turn back the decision. firstly, the foreign players can drew many spectators to fill in the stadiums because the fans wanted to see a quality game and when the import arrived, the local players can learn from them, they will be motivated to play and the most important thing they can compete for their place in the starting line up..

now in this scenario, players are already know that they had a safe passage in the starting line up, but with the import players coming through they have to compete for the place and it make a healthy competition among them..

so when the General Secretary mentioned that import players is not the factor, it sounds so ridiculous and i wonder how he came up with such a statement.. it's embarrassing to send a representative for Malaysia and get slashed with a huge margin.. so please open up your mind and think again for the sake of our football team and think outside the box again to ensure that we have enough quality to compete with other teams around the south east Asia region..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

not the right formula...

Football Association Malaysia (FAM) had agreed with the idea from Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek for a full time national team.. this was due to the achievement of the football team who gained the top podium in Laos and ended the 20 years gold medal drought..

from my opinion, i think it is an unnecessary approach to form a full time national team because there are lot of obstacles the FAM and Malaysian Sports Council to deal to ensure that success is underway in the future..

first, you can look at other national team in the world doesn't create such a format because they all think that the league itself can benefit and develop the player. Shabery said that African team are progress well because many of players plays other league most in France and England. It because that most of the African players have the physical to compete in the top league and got the skills and will to learn outside from their comfort zone. what about players in Malaysia? can they do the same thing?

second, it involves lot of money because when they travel abroad it means using lots of cost and they only can depends on the friendly itself. so can you imagine if there's no enough friendly match? what will happen? just training and training and training.. they will become unproductive.

third, we can look at the examples from our neighbor Indonesia, they had their training stint and matches for six months in Uruguay and yet they failed to even make it into the semi finals of the sea games. what a waste for that one. compared to us we just developed under the Malaysian league and yet we triumph in Vientiane.

fourth, if the team are away the bunch of players will take things for granted as they considered their place in the team are safe. and how about when there are injuries? do FAM have to call in another player who is playing in the M league? the Malaysian league is the platform to see and identify players who got the talent to be absorb in the squad. at least the players are guaranteed 40 matches in the season.

there are other ways in helping the national team but this is not the solution.. but this one is not the answer.. remember before the team gain gold they were playing in our own league.. so there must be some faith that our league also can generate the productivity and the continuity of the national squad. upon from that, this is a bold proposal from Shabery but for me there are always other alternatives such as conducting friendly match with the south east Asia team, there is also Merdeka Cup tournament, inviting the team like Manchester united also was a good move and they can also play away..

think deeply before it been done.. for the sake of our country...

Friday, January 1, 2010

greediness vs kind hearted...

who doesn't know james cameron, the director of the famous Titanic and also hit with Terminator.. cameron take another giant step towards the movie industries when he produced the movie called Avatar..

many hyped going around about this movie.. everyone talking about it and even my standard four student said to me "Teacher, have you watch avatar? The movie was really good and best".. i don't quite know what the movie is all about and i decided to watch the film with my friends on the eve of new year because my eyes and ears cannot stand with the newspaper reviews and also from my friends who watched it earlier..

it starred sam worthington and for those who didn't know him, he acted in Terminator Salvation beside Christian Bale.. Avatar is basically about humans who discovered this one planet called pandorra and identified precious stones. so they created several avatars (that is the same alike species called "Na'vi" who live in the planet) when the plan to dashed away "Na'vi" away from their territory failed, the humans attacked the place and many of them were killed..

this is when sam and other scientists joined forces with those "Na'vi" from the human leader that was so greedy and not thinks about other living species by unleashing war, robots, jets and fire arms.. the visual effects and special effects were spectacular and you will amazed watching it.. the storyline was a bit slow at the beginning but it eventually increased to more drama later on..

the newspaper reviews were true when they said that the movie was predictable but the movie delivered with style and amazement.. to watch it on the brink of new year in the cinema and with friends even make this a special occasion.. 9 out of 10 for avatar...