Saturday, June 27, 2009

great+awesome party

friday morning and the ring bells. the watch on my hand showed 9.15. its the time for me to go for my last class for today and the destination is to 4 emerald. then firdaus came to the staff room, he asked me to walk in another direction, not the one i usually went. the walk is slow and when i fasten my steps he said "Rileks la cikgu, nak cepat2 buat apa?" then when i near to the class, one student stop me and asked me to accompanied him to sent his book to the add science teacher. at that time i think something fishy going on. then when i entered the class, there were a party for me. i was shocked. all the tables and the chairs were arranged in one place, giving a large space. they buy me a cake and wrote my name, on the whiteboard also got my name. it was a mixed feelings. i feel like wanted to cried. i cut the cake, the class give me a beautiful gift that is a polo belt, wallet and a pen. also a big manila card said 'thank you sir' and some speech that make me flattered. they decorated my face with the cakes, snap pictures, and asked me to wrote something on their books and sign. i felt like i am a superstar. the books kept coming. i never expected that they will celebrate me. im speechless. they do not want me to go and also do not want to go. but all of you will always remain in my heart. thanks for the lovely gifts and the great party. i love you all..

party for me by 4 emerald

thanks smk seri garing, rawang for da leaving ceremony for me on 26 june 2009 at the persada minda room. it was a special occasion for me because the school appreciate of what i am doing for the past 3 months at the school. there were many teachers were present and i was able to delivered a simple and short speech to thanks to the school and all the teachers for their friendliness and undivided support to us since our arrival on the 2nd match 2009. i heard other schools did not celebrate or have a party for the practical teachers but in seri garing it was an enjoyable moments.. it was sad to leave the school since i knew all the teachers and the students.. i mill miss all the beautiful moments together.. it will always in my heart and to smk seri garing, all the teachers and the students, i wish all the best.. thanks for everything.. i learned a lot..

leaving ceremony

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

friendly match

date: 20 june 2009
location: std field
time: 9 am

picture me with my students having a friendly match.. i played at centreback but soon shifted to defensive midfielder and move on to midfielder.. so my positions actually changed according to the situation.. i have to run up and down and its really tested my physicall but i able to get my name on the score sheet.. that's was absolutely a happy moment.. the score ended with my team won 7-6.. the scored like we were playing futsal, hehe.. thanks to our goallie who let in many soft goals.... but it was fun and enjoyable.. something that i will remember and cherish before leaving the school with my students.. but i will be back.. playing for my students team.. if i have the time la.. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

almost there....

5 more days to go..
the countdown already began..

2nd march is the day, the educational era begins.. every beginning has an end.. and the ends approaching this 26 june..

there's a lot to tell, but for the moment let's talk bout the days in school.. the word that best describe the whole experience was 'excitement'..

there is a mix of feeling towards everything.. happiness and sad.. there were only 7 lessons to go.. and the new world awaits..