Sunday, July 19, 2009

malaysia vs man utd.. an unforgetful evening.. objective achieved..

18 julai is the date for all the Malaysian fans to watch the highly awaited game of the season. red devils coming to kuala lumpur in their asia tour to round off an early disappointment when their tour in 2007 had been pulled off because Malaysia at that time was hosted the 2007 Asia cup and AFC didn't gave the permission for man united to played against the national team because it was distracted the AFC Cup.

so man united came again and after 7 years of absentees. bringing their full squad except the likes of vidic (injured), carrick (unseen in the match) and 2 new signings antonio valencia and michael oberteen. but michael owen make the trip wearing number 7.

100,000 capacity was full with red colors and one section showed their support for our malaysia team. been 1 of the 100,000 people was a magic and special moment..

i don the national team jersey to support them against 1 of the most popular team in the world and the match was started brightly when berbatov long range effort been saved by the keeper but some slack defending by Malaysia team saw them conceded the first goal in the 6th minute.. nani put the 2nd goal when he ran into the penalty corner and slammed the ball pass the helpless keeper after a beautiful and a vision passed by Rooney to put the visitors a comfortable lead in the 26th minute..

malaysia also had several chances but often leads to disappointment because the lack of finishing and creativity.. but everything soon changes when amri yahya chested the ball and shot a screamer from outside the penalty box and van der sar cannot do anything about it as he was caught and surprised with amri long range effort.. i guess u didn't expect that to come right van der sar? hehehehe... the stadium delighted with amri goal. it was a beautiful goal that will remember by him forever.. 2-1 was the score at half time..

in 62th minute, a back pass by john o shea to foster, the second half substitute keeper, made a mistake when he failed to hold the ball well and it slips under his foot, that came amri who rans like a bolt and put the ball pass foster to level the score 2-2. amri made foster looked fooled, hehehehe... the goal made the fans went crazy and the unthinkable scoreline was produced.. no one imagine that Malaysia can scored 2 goals but they proved 'Malaysia boleh'..

then came Michael Owen to the rescue in the 84th minute, to save the devils blushes.. it was an entertaining game from both sides.. in the end the objective achieved; malaysia able to scored not just one, but 2 goals, amri scored a screamer and beat van der sar and made foster looked fooled.. it was a spirited display by the national team and they make the whole nation proud of them.. before this they failed to scored against united in 2001 when they were crashed 6-0 and last year they also failed to scored against chelsea 2-0..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

we are the champions.........

this is my futsal team. we had been invited by the bank negara workers to compete in a 4 team tournament in ampang sports planet last 2 weeks ago. the excitement grew bigger when the competition kicks on the fifa court, the largest futsal court. so we started the first game and i scored the first goal tapping in from the close range by my friend beautiful crossed after i sprinted from my own half. but sadly near the end a stupid mistake from my friend who came on to replace me gave the opponent an easy goal that spoiled our party. i was so frustrated by the silly mistake done by him.. 2nd game our team increased the tempo and beat other opponent 2-0. but the scored can be bigger if the strikers can put in the goal into the neat. the last game for the league format and our team just needed a draw to be declared as the winner of the league and the job was done successfully by holding the opponent by 0-0. we got the money from the organizer.
then came the semi final and we were a goal behind and after some poor strikes that should had been a goal, came the awaited equalizer that forced the game into extra time and still failed to break the deadlock and penalty kick to decide which team that advances to the final.. our goalie able to stop one of the penalty kick and the other one went out.. we beat the team 2-0.
now come the finale, the team that we drew 0-0 in our last league game faced us again the final.. after some wasted chances went by, and came along extra time, there were still no goal been produced and once again the spot kick came as the decider.. all our two kickers were able to put the ball into the net while our heroic goalkeeper once again able to stopped one of the spot kick, then come the final kick which if goes into the net, our team will crown as the champions. after my friend refused to take the kick, i took the heavy responsibility even though at first i'm not confidence to take it. i put the ball into the left goal and beat the keeper who fell to the wrong side.. our team crowned as the champions yet again and received another cash prize money.. 2 times champions bring our team much delighted..

sisha snake pipe..

ever seen this pipe? it looks like a snake.. yes!! you are right.. it is a snake pipe for sisha.. i was amazed when first caught with this extraordinary and unique design of pipe when me and my friends came to have sisha in setapak near danau kota uptown.. you all can experience this at medan selera ampang beside petronas and near to ampang puteri hospital.. there were also pineapple, and apple can be put on top of the sisha itself so you will not feel pain in your throat while having your sisha.. you can even put watermelon also.. this is a modern sisha that has been renovated by the experts who sells sisha as their living and business.. the cost in putting apple and pineapple is rm15 while putting watermelon will cost you rm30.. there are many flavors that you can try.. experience this new modern sisha.. satisfaction guarantee...

12 goal thriller...

last saturday 11 july 2009, i played again for the second time with my students team called the spirits at std field in taman tun teja. so my team up against the opponents who we defeated earlier by a tight margin that is 7-6. but this time it was a different scenario. the game started and i get injured earlier in the game. it was a 50-50 challenge on the air and the opponent player stamp my feet with the the soccer boot. at that time i was landed on the field. it pains a lot. i cannot moved. then the game stopped, my students were concerned about my situation.. even though my feet was hurt badly, but i keep on playing because there were no subsitute which is sa but i determined to carry on.. we played well in the 1st half leading 2-0. then we increased our lead to 4-0. they scored one. and things were still under control. but the game changed. they narrowed the deficit to 4-2. them we put another one to make the score 5-2. then the goal for us stopped there. they put more pressure. the defense went haywire and thanks to some slack defending, they pulled back to a dramatic 3 goals to put us in a very shocked position.. extra time began to decides the match winner and they lead the game for the first time and it was all looked gloom at the moment.. as the time wasn't in our side and we were almost staring at the defeat and embarrassment came one corner kick and i went up to boost some pressure in attacking. the ball crossed and fall right into my head and i headed it in the right post to level the score 6-6. i was delighted with the goal and it saves the team from humiliation. pain comes along, i was able to scored the equalizer goal in the dying minutes and in the end, 12 goal thriller...

Friday, July 10, 2009

their war... our world... the battle continues...

autobots roll on.. decepticons attack..
transformers:revenge of the fallen hits the cinema worldwide and all the people awaits for the biggest movie of the year.. what can i said spectacular, amazing, superb, breath taking, there's nothing more to comment on that.. lots of actions, lots of fight, lots of emotion, lots of humor, lots of adventure.. the movie duration is 2 hour 30 minutes, enough to make you feels out of your seat.. optimus prime fights bravely unlike in the first movie, bumble bee was cute as always and been adored by many.. then came the two twins who make the movie more crazier than ever.. i watched the movie 3 times at the cinema.. cant wait for the third movie to come out.. transformers is the best...

da journey continues..

29 jun, Monday. after successfully finished practical in smk seri garing, rawang.. i had to go for the interview in pejabat pelajaran daerah gombak situated in kajang.. this is because for an interview for a replacement teacher in my previous primarty school in ampang.. this all happened very fast and suddenly because my father who is a YDP PIBG in that school had called the school and asked whether the school need a teacher and the answer came fast too.. they want me and after done the interview process i started teaching at the school the next day.. so it was 2 weeks i had been teaching and the surrounding and environment of the school and the students are very much different compared to what i experienced in seri garing.. the students were much disciplined.. i also played football with the teachers every evening and it was fun.. but i have to teach kemahiran hidup and pendidikan seni.. both subject that i am not really good at.. but it seems that kemahiran hidup seems the hardest one because i have to cover bab jahitan which me myself do not know hot to jahit my own clothes, then i had to teach the students.. but i will take it as a challenge.. pendidikan seni seems a lot easier than i expected and it was fun to see all the students reaction in drawing and colouring.. they seems so excited.. so the journey already begins in a new chapter.......