Saturday, December 26, 2009

step aside chef wan, there's a new chef in town...

it's rare that men can cook better than the women and it's only few who stood well like the famous chef wan. however when we look at the hotel and restaurant there were the man who conquered the kitchen area. so men do succeed in cooking. this a man who i found out his talent and specialty lies in the heart of kitchen. i'm talking about my father, Mr. Ismail Bin Majid who amazed me and also the rest of my family with his ability in cooking.

My dad was busy making the right combination and ingredients to be put in.. this was made during the eve of Hari Raya Qurban and i also lending help for my father..

My dad made some of his own initiative where he put toppings on top of the muffins and as you can see there are syrup toppings and butter toppings that are tasty and finger licking good..

This is some of the muffins that made and my father put raisins and almond flake..

My dad or i can call him Chef Ismail, who was satisfied with all his made muffins and the muffins were delicious and even many praised my father and surprised too.. my aunt also ask the muffins recipe from my father.. enough said, i'm proud of you Mr. Chef in the house..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

a fascinating investigation...

at first me and my friends decided to watch avatar at pavillion.. and when we arrived, there a lot people queued up to buy the tickets and most of them buying for the night ones.

then we decided to window shopping and went to the nike and adidas stores and also searched for the delicious heaven made bread of roti boy.. but unfortunate the much gigantic and wonderful building does not have shop for the famous roti boy..

after finished there we went to the galaxie ampang and opted to watch the new movie called sherlock holmes starring robert downey junior (iron man) and jude law (A.I). based on the famous novel and the cast itself you can predict that this movie will be a hit one.. and it duly delivered in a fashionable style.. the director integrated recipes that moviegoers were looking for that are action, comedy, mystery, investigation and a bit of romance that binds well to be an excellent story indeed..

it started with sherlock holmes and his sidekick known as doctor watson who failed the ritual sacrifice of the evil, mysterious and magician lord blackwood.. after been captured and sentenced to death, he only said "death is only just a beginning".. after been declared dead by dr. watson, the chaotic erupted in the city of london where lord blackwood had rise back from the death...

and from that on sherlock holmes combined with watson to investigate the mystery of the death lord blackwood who tends to plot a threat to all england... then the adventure begins.. the story was a very good one from start to finish and this film really caught my eyes as i am not remember the last time that an investigation movie that fascinated me like this one..

a very strong recommendation for this and i will be expecting sherlock holmes to be in action again... 9 and a half out of ten for this movie...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

in vientiane we conquered...

1989, kuala lumpur.. merdeka stadium.. where the last one that m'sia football team achieved the SEA games gold medal.. even our prime minister, didn't remember for how long we last triumph when he said it has been 30 years, when the actually fact number was 20 years.. see, how long m'sia football team last glory was beg?

since the semi pro status been lifted up to professional, only the name stands where the situation and standard were still in limbo.. what's wrong with the national team? there are many reasons that can be seen here, but sadly the same people still rules even though for a very long period but brings no glory for m'sia football.. politics involved to make the matter worsen..

however the story changed in Vientiane, where the young m'sia team got their first ever gold medal by beating vietnam 1-0.. there was hope this time when this team competed in the SEA games where there were many preparations built up like the memorable match between English premier league champions man united not once but twice in the space of three days.. then other games were held in and outside the country in order to prepared them rich in experience..

a lost to Vietnam in the group stage means m'sia path to the semi final as their main target was quickly dashed away when they have to beat the defending champions and mighty Thailand in the last group game.. but the young tigers defy against all odds when they beaten the thais 2-1 even though at one stage they were trailed by a goal down.. but the players fought hard and got the two goals inside the last ten minutes..

then the hopes were all over again and this time the target was achieved when they met Laos.. they eased past the home team 3-1.. the final showdown began against Vietnam again.. the boys beat them courtesy of their own goal but what counted it was m'sia was the champions and end the gold medal drought for 20 years.. there were many chances but the players lacked the killer instinct and the calmness.. sometimes they make silly and funny mistakes that should not be done by a national player.. but all that can be improved in the near future and hope this will bring a new dawn of era for the m'sia football.. congrats players.. in Vientiane at last we conquered and raised our national flag in style..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

don't turn off the lights...

this lovely Thursday evening i filled up my activity with went to swimming pool, after that get hot in the sauna room and lastly entertained myself with the latest movie that hit into the cinema called 'Ninja Assassin'...

it was created by the producer of 'The Matrix' and you can expected some classy and slow motion effects and that's what you got when watch this film.. starring rain as the main actor, this movie started when rain was adopted at the ninja training place somewhere was well hidden.. after learned the art of ninja, rain discovered that the ninja approach were not suited and acceptable to taken no more.. so he decided to went against his mentor and many of his brothers..

with the help of mika, raizo aka rain, tried to discover and fought against all the assassins and rain also been hunted down by the ninja assassins.. with beautiful special effects and a well crafted fighting sequence, this movie can make you feel upside down.. it have a little bit like '300' where the blood of the fight spilled everywhere but the color of blood doesn't seem real to me unfortunately..

this movie entertained and was a cool one and it was a satisfaction guaranteed. i gave 8 out of 10 for Ninja Assassin.. don't turn off the lights because the ninja like dark places and maybe they are behind you right now.. if you still don't understand by what i meant, then you have to watch this movie..