Thursday, April 29, 2010

think outside from the box...

i wondered how the FAM people are thinking and is it using their brain? that's the question that triggered from my mind when looked upon selangor embarassing journey in the recent AFC cup.. they only got one win, a draw and lose four from their six games in the group stage..

when we see other teams who are competing in the cup, they have import players.. that was the difference between selangor and the rest of the teams.. in 2006, where the red giants first competed in the cup via winning the Malaysia cup in 2005, and with the help with the foreign players, selangor set their feet in the quarter final before bow out to a Lebanon side..

that's tell us the huge factor when we are missing the import players.. there are many reasons to turn back the decision. firstly, the foreign players can drew many spectators to fill in the stadiums because the fans wanted to see a quality game and when the import arrived, the local players can learn from them, they will be motivated to play and the most important thing they can compete for their place in the starting line up..

now in this scenario, players are already know that they had a safe passage in the starting line up, but with the import players coming through they have to compete for the place and it make a healthy competition among them..

so when the General Secretary mentioned that import players is not the factor, it sounds so ridiculous and i wonder how he came up with such a statement.. it's embarrassing to send a representative for Malaysia and get slashed with a huge margin.. so please open up your mind and think again for the sake of our football team and think outside the box again to ensure that we have enough quality to compete with other teams around the south east Asia region..