Monday, August 31, 2009

we come in peace.. attack!!!

last night i went to the cinema and watched the story called 'Aliens in the Attic' it is a comedy movie.. the story was simple, understandable, lots of humor, very easy going and u can sit back and relax while enjoy to watch the story..

the story begin with some kids on a family vacation who must fight off an attack by knee-high alien invaders with world-destroying ambitions. At the same time, the youngsters work hard to keep their parents in the dark about the battle upstairs.

It's the Pearsons versus the aliens who "came from upstairs," in an all-out battle that will decide the fate of the Earth - and kick-off the ultimate summer vacation.

i planned to watch this movie at sunway pyramid but the only time available is 5.30 pm which frustrated me and my friend because when i saw the poster of the movie i caught up with it.. i knew that this story is something and interesting..

the aliens were cute.. like a crazy frog type of version but with some menace attitude towards conquering planet earth.. it is a must watch movie and i recommend this to all of you.. it is suitable for all type of ages.. 8 out of 10 for this one..

Friday, August 28, 2009

i love you, Hayden Panettiere..

i just watched the story called 'I love you, Beth Cooper' just after having my break fast.. at first i want to watch G.I JOE but the person with me had watched the movie already.. guess too bad for me.. i heard from the teacher at my school that 'district 9' used video camera like 'cloverfield' and 'quarantine' which make your head went spinning around and caused headhache.. but the worst is cloverfield and im able to watched qurantine without too much problem with my head seeing it.. so i decided to skipped district 9, the proposal she had watched too, so the only reasonable movie left was the title 'I love you, Beth Cooper' and i decided to watch it..

the synopsis:

When a geeky high-school valedictorian (Paul Rust) throws caution to the wind by expressing his love for a popular cheerleader (Hayden Panettiere) during his graduation speech, life finally starts to get interesting in this coming-of-age comedy adapted from the book by journalist/author/screenwriter Larry Doyle.

I love you, Beth Cooper chronicles the story of a nerdy valedictorian who proclaims his love for the hottest and most popular girl in school Beth Cooper during his graduation speech. Much to his surprise, Beth shows up at his door that very night and decides to show him the best night of his life.

overall the story was okay.. there are some funny moments especially the towel fight and the storyline was a bit slow.. but i really enjoyed looking hayden panettiere (heroes) acted in the movie which she potrayed very sizzling hot, sexy and crazy teenage girl after just finished graduated.. i wish i was that nerdy person.. I LOVE YOU, HAYDEN PANETTIERE...

Monday, August 24, 2009

the most excitement and addictive show.. ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to: Prison Break..

have you ever heard of Prison Break? when the first time i watched the series was accidentally.. i at the hostel feeling bored and decided to watch television and when i opened the tv the show was just started.. i began to watch the episode and as the story grew wide, i began to love it..

the story started when a man called lincon burrows where framed for a murder he didn't commit..then his younger brother michael scofield decided to throw in his ass in the jail to help his brother escaped from the death sentence.. michael works an engineer and he purposely went to the bank shooted a few bullets in the air and then get him caught.. what a way to do it.. so he can went to the same prison with his brother.. before he did that, he was doing some reseraches about a way to break his brother out from the prison..

the first season is all about escaping in the fox river jail..

season 2 is running away form the federal agents and the police..

season 3 michael and his gang were caught up in sona, a very creepy and deserted jail in panama..

season 4 is about michael and his gang want to retrieved a device called scylla and hunt down the company where they framed lincon burrows in the 1st season..

you would amazed with the idea the story came up.. i must give super credit to the team production who came up with a breathtaking and creative storyline.. im fell in love with prison break.. i watched it until it came to its final season which is season 4.. the story was so addictive like a drug until i watch up to 10 hours.. i just cannot stop watching it.. the end of the story makes you want to know on what is going to happen next..

for those of you who haven't know or notice prison break, i highly recommend you to watch it..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Ramadhan al Mubarak to all the muslims..

here, i want to wish all the muslims happy ramadhan al mubarak.. may this month will bring harmony, good things and get blessing from Allah..

together, lets pray to Allah hoping that H1N1 will go away forever..

please stay away from fire works, doing negative things that will cost your fasting, and take good care of yourself k..

Ustaz Asri the revolution of nasyid music

we are saddened by the passing of Ustaz Asri of Rabbani. In 1997, Rabbani released their self-titled debut album but it was not until 2002 that they won the prestigious AIM award for best nasyid album Intifada, which many believe didn't sound like any other nasyid album. They incorporate modern music into their nasyid songs, instead of making music that is merely dominated by the sound of percussion instruments. They have succeeded in creating an interesting fusion of contemporary nasyid music, appealing to a larger (and younger) audience.

Rabbani also created a very unique song called 'Pergi tak kembali' where they colleborate with KRU who combines modern music with nasyid. The song and the lyrics tells about every human being will eventually 'go' when the time comes. it is a very well and advice song to all the people who listens. Ustaz Asri will be remember for his dedicated work through nasyid and other programme including giving speech and talk of motivation in the schools. Al- fatihah...

Monday, August 17, 2009

EPL fever is back.. More Drama.. Arsenal kicks off with style..

the English Premier League is now back with the start of 2009/10 season gets underway last saturday.. before that chelsea had won the opening charity shield game with a penalty shootout victory 4-1 against man utd after both teams were tied 2-2 in the normal time..

chelsea was considered lucky to registered their 2-1 win over hull city after drogba put the ball in the 93 minute of stoppage time.. the goal was an accident and drogba also admitted in the first place that he wanted to crossed the ball to kalou but end it up on the back of the net..

aston villa was brought down to earth by wigan under a new manager in front of their fans.. man utd only scored 1 against minnows biormingham who just promoted in the premier league.. guess they missing ronaldo and tevez touches..

liverpool had to dealt a major blow when they lost to spurs 1-2 at white hart lane and they too will be missing xabi alonso creative spark in the midfield area..

the headlines of the fisrt week was surely had to be given to arsenal where they trashed the helpless everton 6-1 at goodsion park.. denilson opened the score with a beautiful long range screamer outside the penalty box, other goals were scored by william gallas, new signing thomas vermalen, fabregas (2 goals) and eduardo while lois saha was able to put a consolation goal for the toffees..

more drama, more promises of exiciting matches, more explosives, more suprises will be there in the coming matches.. the greatest league in the world had just started..

Friday, August 7, 2009

we lost a talented person..

yasmin ahmad was indeed a blessed women.. gifted with an intelligent, innovative and creative ideas that make her movies recognisable in malaysian movie industry and not to forget how she creates the adverstisement or i would rather said a short mini video on national celebration and the famous petronas hari raya seen in the televisyen..

before this i wasn't watch her movies and i never a great fan of her works until one unexpected night that made me saw her film in the cinema.. at that particular night, me and my friends had decided to watch 'The Knowing' starring Nicholas Cage and the film was sold out at the time we arrived and with no other option left, my friend want to watch 'Talentime' and i said "Is it worth it?Are the film is good" then i chose to watch the story with my friends because it would felt wasted coming so far away..

as the story goes by, i found out that yasmin ahmad was a talented director as she combines the element that no director in malaysia dare to do: that is different races.. how she pulled off by showing the indian, chinese, malay and even british culture and life to showed to all people that malaysia is blessed with many races and uniques in its own way..

after watched the film i was so satisfied and describe the movie as superb with its creative storyline that is different from any other movies produced in malaysia..

now we had lost someone who is great in producing things that is unexpected and different from others.. yasmin ahmad, may your soul rest in peace and thanks for lifting the malaysian movies into a new heights...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Glory Glory Glory Selangor!!!

31 julai at shah alam stadium.. selangor were up against persib bandung a team from the indonesian super league which are ranked third.. the were 50,000 fans gathered to watch the game that is The Selangors' Cup 2009 for the very first time..
to be more special, there were bambang pamungkas and ellie aboy who played for the red giants in 2005 where selangor beg treble honors come and play for selangor aganist persib bandung who also bring their uruguay import..

first half persib bandung controlled the match where they pass the ball short and nice where selangor opted to play cross and high.. the score was 0-0 at half time..

in the second half, selangor up their tempo and got their first goal through bambang and he also begged a second goal to put an end to persib bandung any hopes to captured the Selangors' Cup..

well done to all the players and thanks bambang and ellie for coming here in shah alam once again to rejoice all the special and sweet moments together again.. hope this will not be the last time.. Glory Selangor!!

mystery, mystery, mystery...

last monday there was a mystery at the school where the second teacher room was burnt but it was a little burnt started from the canvas camping on top of a locker.

fortunately there was a teacher who came early and put out the fire.. then me and some teachers checked the place to make sure we found something like a cigarette but there's nothing there
many of us were confiused by the weird tragedy..
at the night were a night classes were held, there were incident where a plastic chair near the pupils male toilet were burnt..
on tuesday, the following day.. 2 curtains in 2 separate classrooms were burnt bya a fire.. one in standard 4 class and the other one in standard 5..

after knowing the incident, all the pupils were gathered at the assembly where the teachers including me and the prefects had a spot check and we found a box of cigarette held by one of the standard 6 pupil..
the investigation and interrogation were held to captured the target man.. some of the school people thinks students were behind this and some of them thinks that it is supernatural kind of stuff..

finally one boy were caught and it was an indian boy.. the discipline teacher said to me that the boy is like a psyhotic person and have mayb a mental problem. he looks so innocent.. even i didnt expected that kind of face to do that kind of thing.. im also teaching the boy.. oh my...

it is a police case and i think the mystery was solved...

a tragic accident

after celebrated at the shah alam stadium, me and my friends went to a mamak stall at seksyen 7 and having sisha there.. on the way back to kl, at 1.30 am there was an accident occured at the fderal highway near the shah alam city exit.. we saw a car faced us on the road and alread stopped.. we were shocked to saw that the wira car had a total lost at the back of the car and there was a man inside the car..
we quickly stop at the side of the road to lend some help and the door was stucked. then me and other people help to get the man out of the car from the other side.. luckily the man was not heavily injured just some bruises and a confusion in his faced..

the other car who knocked the man car was trashed and hit a tree near the side of the road.. it was a chinese man, had some injury in his head and looked confius as well.. poeple said that the chinese man drived fast and a crazy man.. a group of mat rempit also said the the chinese man drive like a maniac and almost hit them..
the mat rempit group want to hit the chinese man because they were angered by his stupidity act and some of them also mentioned that the chinese man was on alcohol..
after 15 minutes there were police and firemen came along.

i was relieved that the accident not caught up with us because wew were 5 people in the car and you can imagine the worst if something like that had happened, but we all were grateful that no 1 were injured badly and our way to home was safe..

to all the drivers out there, please be extra careful and cautious when driving and remember your loved ones..

super league finally ours!!

finally selangor won the malaysia super league 2009 in style after trashed police or PDRM 6-1 at the selayang stadium while perlis, the only team with a small hope to nail selangor from the top were held by minnows perak 1-1 at the ipoh staduim.

the final fixture of the super league game of the season were held at shah alam stadium against pahang who desperately needeed the win to boost any chance in holding their place in the super league where they stand in the second bottom of the campaign. pahang young and fighting spirit got their first goal in the 13 minute to suprised the red giants but selangor came back with a penalty goal by safee sali after r surendran been brought down by the goalkeeper in the penalty box and amri scored a beautiful goal where he chipped the ball beyond the helpless goalie. the scores at half time 2-1.

in the second half selangor add 3 more goals to round off with style and there was a drama in the end of the game, where selangor got their 2nd penalty and much suprised of the crowd, it was nasril nourdin the selangor goalkeeper who ran and take the spot kick, but unfortunately his effort were saved by the goalie where he shoot straight. it was a poor penalty.

it was selangor 1st ever super league cup since it was introduced in 2004 and now selangor has added their cups to already acquired charity shield and the FA Cup earlier.. now the aim is the prestigious Malaysia Cup where selangor had won it for a record 33 times..

congratulations to the player, coach, the management, the officials and not forget all the die hard fans who gave their very best...