Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 movies that will rock the cinemas

                                                                 2013 upcoming movies

1. Man of Steel (June 2013)

- the number 1 upcoming movie for 2013 is simply the new Superman and by looking the poster this reboot of the most popular hero will rise to a new greater heights compared to to the disappointment of the Superman Returns before this. just can't wait for this.

2. Iron Man 3 (May 3)

-the third installment of iron man will make people waiting for it patiently and this is surely my number 2 upcoming movie in 2013.

3. Pacific Rim

- people were enthusiastic about 'Real Steel' and wait until you watch the trailer for this film. it's like transformers against Godzilla.

4. G.I JOE 2

-the second installment of this movie is surely will become much better than the first one with the inclusion of The Rock and Bruce Willis.

5. Thor 2

- we have to wait for the plot of this second movie and see who is the villain. thor is much improved now and  expect for plenty of action for this sequel.

6. Wolverine 2

finally hugh jackman returns again to the role of wolverine for the second time and the location will take place in Japan.

7. The Hobbit 2

this second chapter in the hobbit trilogy will again venture their quest and this time around they will come up against the smaug dragon. it will be so interesting to continue the adventure again with the cute and tiny hobbits.

8. Fast & Furious 6

when it comes to race and car it is hard to push away this film. expect a tons of action in this six installment of the movie franchise.

9. World War Z

brad pitt stars in this chaotic environment fill with ferocious zombies and this is unlike any other zombies that had watched before this. hopefully will be very interesting.

10. Robocop

this reboot of the same title will surely caught people attention especially those who grown up with the robocop trilogy before this. hope it will be far more better than the original one.

11. Star Trek 2

this second movie seems to be more darker than the first one and with the same director that is J.J Abrams, this movie will be surely explode in the cinemas near you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

stupidity is the best word for you...

tiger been humiliated: same to the squad especially defenders

it was a good start, it seems hope but after that it all turned to chaos.. it was shocked to see how easy as ABC looking the Singapore players play the ball so easily in the penalty area. the defenders were a total humiliation, disgusting and stupidity of course when there were no tight marking, easily loose the ball, careless, no concentration, lack of communication between them= meaning a total disaster of 5 goals been put at the back of the net.

what actually happened to the players? there's no excuse for this embarrassment defeat. they had been playing together for a while now.. the faces are much more the same that won the AFF Suzuki Cup last year. they had been exposed to various friendly game against Hong Kong 1-1, Myammar 2-0, Arsenal 0-4 and Liverpool 3-6. but the last 3 game, the team conceded 15 goals. what a shame. clearly the defenders are not up the mark.

all the goals were schoolboy errors, their own mistakes/carelessness and the goalkeeper also was disappointing. pity to the fans who came all the way to the Stadium Jalan Besar had to witness the horrible performance and i guess those who had heart attack is dangerous to watch this kind of game.

rajagopal also deployed wrong tactics with the inclusion of inexperienced Ismail Faruqi and Fakri Saarani when he can played Abdul Hadi Yahya, Amirul Hadi or Ashaari Shamsudin upfront. he can also pack the 5 midfield to put on hold to the dangerous singapore midfield.

the worst stupidity/disaster/tahap bangang nk mampos clearly awarded to:

1. Mahali Jasuli (no tight marking, just watch the ball, helpless)

2. Muslim Ahmad (how he easily beaten by the 41 year old import by slowly turn and round him off for the 5th goal)

3. Fadhli Shas (the clown of the game, simply out of this world, cannot read the game, easily beaten, kena ole plak tu, obviously the cause of the downfall and yet rajagopal remained him to play in the 2nd half.. are you blind coach???)

4. Syafiq Rahim (what on earth are you thinking when you put your boot on the singapore player? totally unethical and unacceptable for a captain to did that. simply stupid)

5. Asaruddin Putra ( no tight marking, easily loose concentration)

while the man of the match award given to:

1. S. Kunalan (tireless player, terrorize defend with speed and skill)
2. Safee Sali (proven again his goal scoring machine)

this is my lineup for the 2nd leg in Bukit Jalil.

1. Farizal Marlias
2. S.Subramaniam
3. Mohd Marzuki Yusof
4. Aidil Zafuan/Nasriq Baharom
5.. P.Gunalan/Daudsu Jamaluddin
6. Amirulhadi/Ashaari Shamsudin
7. Joseph Kallang Tie
8. S.Kunalan
9. Badrol Bakhtiar/Amri Yahyah
10. Safee Sali
11. Abdul Hadi yahya/ Nor Shahrul Idlan

*other options is to put the whole Olympic squad defenders into the team.. or those who plays against Chelsea that had mixed of young and experience players is a good combination.

this 28 July will surely be tough, down with 2 goals but nothing is impossible to achieve.. we have to believe that we can but if the same defenders still produced those kind of stupidity again, i would say sayonara and the team does not have the quality to challenge other team with this kind of madness defend...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

tensions built up high..

Malaysia football lovers, Malaysia Football Team and the nation itself were blessed when 3 of the top teams in Barclays Premier League came here for their Asian Tour 2011 and the Liverpool tour had so far became the hottest highlight so far..

Liverpool came Malaysia for the first time ever and all the supporters were ecstatic about it when they been informed about their favorite team visits..

one of the hot issue when this one person decides coming to the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil to watched the Liverpool players in training along with his family ends up wearing Man. United jersey and he been forced to take the jersey off.. it's a pity to watched this kind of incident happened here in our soil.. but that were the Malaysian attitude been displayed.. he was been humiliated in front of thousands crowd.. (the video can be seen in my facebook page)

second one to be 'hit' was when Dato Rajagobal made up a comment stated that the supporters who came to watched the Liverpool vs National Team wasn't patriotic enough in supporting 'Harimau Malaya' which cost all the reds supporters went mad about it.. even John Barnes made a statement that was very very humble "When the Malaysian team attacks, the fans cheer for them, when Liverpool attacks, also the fans cheer up for them.. in the end, it's a win win situation for all the fans".

it doesn't mean that if they wearing Liverpool shirt, they are not supporting the National Team.. deep down inside, they still have the rational in supporting our squad, it's just we have to understand that this team does not often came here.. so to put the blame on them it's not right.. we are always giving our undying support when Harimau Malaya plays everytime..

so we hope that the coach and players had learnt a very valuable lesson during those two games and the defense department was seen as the main problems and need to be rectify quickly.. if we are hoping to get the better of our neighbor on this 23 July.. winning the 1st leg in Singapore will surely be the perfect present for my 26th birthday...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a learning curved for the boys...

from 12-13 February 2011, Mara Junior Science College Tun Abdul Razak Pekan had participated in 'Rugby USM Tens Tournament 2011 held at the USM engineering campus in Nibong Tebal, Penang.

there were two categories that is open (college/universities) and the other one is under 17.. so MJSC Pekan sent under 15 team to gain exposure and experienced.

the result was not important but how the players learned from this trip.. so these were some photos taken during the event..

students take some photos in front of the USM front gate as a remembrance...

all the players listen carefully to what the coach said regarding the team tactics..

students take some time off and were taken to the mamak stall to watched the premier league game between man united and man city.. unfortunately, man united won 2-1..

the rugby squad posed before the first game started..

one of the main sponsor for the tournament..

having some time of relaxing under the hot sun..

players viewed for the ball..

players do some warming up before the game..

some of the action in the field...

throw in
players practiced passing the ball to their team mates..

players stretching in order not to get cramped or injured...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

simply breathtaking....

On the 20th February, i watched a late night movie at Berjaya Megamall Kuantan..
the title called 'Sanctum'.... produced by James Cameron who made 'Avatar' so famous..

it is a story of exploring underwater cave expedition been done on one of the trickiest cave in Papua New Guinea.. no one had explored the cave and they intend to do that unknown mission in order to find a new way out through the ocean nearby..

situation became chaotic when storms, tornadoes and heavy rains started to fill in the cave and that's when the scene become more and more thrilling to watch.. i like the tagline of the film where it mentioned "the only way out is down"...

this is very different and the best movie i saw involving the cave is 'The Descent' in 2005 and 'The Descent' part 2 in 2009.. it was suspense all the time with the terrifying creatures hunting the explores...

but this one make the audience suspense through the limited space, the tight air and also caused a lot of panicking that can kill when watching this movie.. and what make this story more interesting is that this was inspired by true events and till now, true story never let me down..

so enough said, this is the official trailer of the movie.. and go see it yourself...

this one of the few comments that i found in the internet regarding the movie...

1. This movie is fricking amazing. Dont listen to what any one else says. Go see it. You will be happy you did...

2. hey guys thanks for all the thumbs up. its great. the movie is amazing, i greatly advise you to go watch it before you judge it. because if you only watch the trailer, you will be getting the wrong assumption. i know there has been a lot of shit comments on this video. DONT LISTEN TO THEM. they are wrong.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

welcome to the world of I.G.C.S.E and form 4 students

this 2011, MARA had taken one step ahead in the education system where they introduced the I.G.C.S.E course for the batch of form 1 students and it was applied in the Mara Junior Science College of Pekan.

i was one of the interviewee for the I.G.C.S.E program that was held in the MJSC campus on 14-16 December of 2010 in order to selected 180 students for this course and the feedback was amazing where there was 965 students who turned up for the interview...

I.G.C.S.E stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education.. where MRSM collaborated with Cambridge.. this course is for form one student where they will sit for two examinations that are the Cambridge test and also for their SPM. If the students excel and succeed they can further their study abroad and some of the candidates that i interviewed were very fluent.

in addition, there were 10% quota for the non-bumiputera been given to enroll in this course..
different learning style, upgraded syllabus, advance learning skills and this are called as I.G.C.S.E.

meanwhile on 7th February, form four students make their way in MRSM Pekan and total of students was 180.

This were some of the photos taken during both registrations.

even when it's raining, the voluntary students from police cadet and scouts stands firm and make sure that the traffic were in good control.

students that were homeless can applied for a shelter at the hostel counter, hehehe...

one of the students gave the thumbs up for the hostel with her family when checking in.

students were busying register into many different counters.

parents waiting patiently outside the hall while waiting their children finished the registration...

the event starts and hosted by mr and mrs chairperson....

the opening speech by the Principle of MJSC Tun Abdul Razak Pekan, Tuan Haji Mohd Yusoff Bin Hassan in welcoming all the students and parents.

all students rise and read the oath...

parents take their turn to asked questions that they were unsure regarding the school regulations and the course of course.

this was the 'homeroom' session. Homeroom is where one teacher assigned to take care at least 15 students if they have any problems regarding anything and the teacher acts as the problem solution a.k.a their second parents. So this is the opportunity for the students and parents to interact straight away with the teacher involved.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

why now have to changed?

first of all i think its not too late to congratulate our national football team for their heroics performance in the recently concluded AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 as the new champions in the South East Asia..

this was the second title we captured after ended 20 long years of gold medal in 2009 Sea games in Laos.. so hopefully in the year 2011 will bring more glory to our country.. k. rajagopal was instrumental in guiding the team..

after our triumph, there were voices wanted the name to be changed from 'Harimau Malaya' to 'Harimau Malaysia'.. why all of sudden this issue had to be brought up by certain people? the name of 'Harimau Malaya' had been used for many years, in fact in 1970's..

the reason behind this was they said that this name (harimau malaya) does not reflect the concept of 1Malaysia.. the sabahan and sarawakian were left behind.. this is not true.. because in 1970's when the national team qualified for the olympics in Moscow, after beating south korea 2-1, we have one sarawak player who played for the team that is Jalil Ramli.. but no one raised up about the name of 'Harimau Malaya'..

but now i can see some people try to manipulate this name.. they must remember that the name was used more than four decades... in that case, Universiti Malaya also had to change to Universiti Malaysia... because it does not reflects the concept of 1 Malaysia..

please put a stop to this ridiculous and unnecessary thing and let just focused on the national team...