Saturday, February 19, 2011

welcome to the world of I.G.C.S.E and form 4 students

this 2011, MARA had taken one step ahead in the education system where they introduced the I.G.C.S.E course for the batch of form 1 students and it was applied in the Mara Junior Science College of Pekan.

i was one of the interviewee for the I.G.C.S.E program that was held in the MJSC campus on 14-16 December of 2010 in order to selected 180 students for this course and the feedback was amazing where there was 965 students who turned up for the interview...

I.G.C.S.E stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education.. where MRSM collaborated with Cambridge.. this course is for form one student where they will sit for two examinations that are the Cambridge test and also for their SPM. If the students excel and succeed they can further their study abroad and some of the candidates that i interviewed were very fluent.

in addition, there were 10% quota for the non-bumiputera been given to enroll in this course..
different learning style, upgraded syllabus, advance learning skills and this are called as I.G.C.S.E.

meanwhile on 7th February, form four students make their way in MRSM Pekan and total of students was 180.

This were some of the photos taken during both registrations.

even when it's raining, the voluntary students from police cadet and scouts stands firm and make sure that the traffic were in good control.

students that were homeless can applied for a shelter at the hostel counter, hehehe...

one of the students gave the thumbs up for the hostel with her family when checking in.

students were busying register into many different counters.

parents waiting patiently outside the hall while waiting their children finished the registration...

the event starts and hosted by mr and mrs chairperson....

the opening speech by the Principle of MJSC Tun Abdul Razak Pekan, Tuan Haji Mohd Yusoff Bin Hassan in welcoming all the students and parents.

all students rise and read the oath...

parents take their turn to asked questions that they were unsure regarding the school regulations and the course of course.

this was the 'homeroom' session. Homeroom is where one teacher assigned to take care at least 15 students if they have any problems regarding anything and the teacher acts as the problem solution a.k.a their second parents. So this is the opportunity for the students and parents to interact straight away with the teacher involved.

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