Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a learning curved for the boys...

from 12-13 February 2011, Mara Junior Science College Tun Abdul Razak Pekan had participated in 'Rugby USM Tens Tournament 2011 held at the USM engineering campus in Nibong Tebal, Penang.

there were two categories that is open (college/universities) and the other one is under 17.. so MJSC Pekan sent under 15 team to gain exposure and experienced.

the result was not important but how the players learned from this trip.. so these were some photos taken during the event..

students take some photos in front of the USM front gate as a remembrance...

all the players listen carefully to what the coach said regarding the team tactics..

students take some time off and were taken to the mamak stall to watched the premier league game between man united and man city.. unfortunately, man united won 2-1..

the rugby squad posed before the first game started..

one of the main sponsor for the tournament..

having some time of relaxing under the hot sun..

players viewed for the ball..

players do some warming up before the game..

some of the action in the field...

throw in
players practiced passing the ball to their team mates..

players stretching in order not to get cramped or injured...