Saturday, September 19, 2009

selamat menyambut hari raya aildilfitri kepada semua..

setelah sebulan berpuasa, tibalah syawal yang bakal menjelang menjelang esok pagi bersamaan dengan 20 september 2009 yang jatuh pada hari ahad menandakan berakhirnya puasa di bulan ramadhan di mana seluruh umat islam meraikan kejayaan menyambut aildilfitri bersama dengan insan2 yang tersayang..

dikesempatan ini, saya Muhammad Taufiq Bin Ismail ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua insan yang mengenali diri ini.. saya ingin memohon maaf zahir dan batin di selangi dengan pohon 1o jari andai selama ini ada terkasar bahasa, perbuatan yang tidak menyenagkan, pernah mengguriskan hati sesiapa, pernah menyakiti sesiapa secara langsung atau tidak langsung.. semua yang buruk datang dari saya dan yang baik datang dari Allah S.W.T..

mohon kemaafan kepada kedua ibu bapa yang tercinta, adik2 yang disayangi, kedua nenek yang dirahmati, kepada rakan2 rapat di ampang, kepada rakan2 yang selalu di ingati di unisel, kepada rakan2 seperjuangan di sekolah kebangsaan taman nirwana, kepada warga sekolah menengah kebangsaan seri garing, kepada saudara mara yang dikasihi dan kepada semua yang mengenali diri ini sama ada yang jauh dan juga yang dekat..

moga lebaran syawal yang bakal menyusur ini akan diraikan dengan penuh kesyukuran, keihklasan dan kegembiraan... salam aidilfitri buat semua :)

p/s harap still dapat duit raya lagi, walaupun peluang agak tipis tapi still berharap jugak, hehehe :P

Sunday, September 13, 2009

you should never had done that, you son of a bitch..

i never taught that emmanuel adebayor aka son of a bitch reacted like that when he up against his former team, a response that everyone not even arsenal fans would like to see.. it is a disgraceful act of him after he scored the third goal, he ran 100 yards to celebrated in front of the arsenal fans.. that is not respect at all.. u said that you a professional and a world class player? but is your attitude reflected all this? shame on you..

tagged by a 25 million miove to manchester city, adebayor dissapointed with the way the arsenal fans reacted to him last year when he got boos by the fans. because of what? because of your lack of commitment towards arsenal.. as a professional player, you had to deal with it as a parcel in your life.. many players run through that kind of period bbut this bastard never knew how to handle the situation and decided to show to the whole world who is the real bastard of adebayor really are..

then he stamped on the face of his former team mate partner striker robin van persie.. van persie screamed in pain as his face was bleeding by the boots of that bastard who replay on the television seems that he intentionally doing that..

what is this? is this how you treated the team that nurturted you to became a world class player by given them your unprofessional and unethical display of stupidity and disgracefully? this scene of incident were unhealty to the football and the sport itself.. i kope that son of a bitch will serve some heavy pinishment from the FA for this kind of act..

never in my life i saw such an incident like this.. i hope you will paid for what you had done.. you and man city can go to hell..

Friday, September 11, 2009

south africa, here we come...

eight games won out of eight was a tremendous achievement for england in the qualifying round of the world cup 2010 held in south africa next year..

the 5-1 trashing of croatia proved to be so sweet for all the england fans who were so damn upset with the lost against the same team that cost england the place in the euro 2008 when they who only needed a draw to advance where beaten by the croats 2-3 at wembley..

euro 2008 was incomplete without england one of the powerhouse in europe but was eliminated and shocked the entire world..

but the script was never to be repeated again under the genius regime of fabulous capello who proved that he can handle the biggest pressure and egos of the england squad.. now england can look forward to south africa and still can built a much stronger team with a vast of many excellent players who can contribute to bring the success since 1966..

so croatia, you can kiss your hopes goodbye and i wish that your team will not going to the world cup so you can experience the same disaster you put me and england two years ago.. astalavista croats, you had been tame by the lions.. Go England!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

your destination ends here..

final destination 4 was the latest installment of the hit franchise that shows about death situation that cannot be avoid at all cost..

this movie represents the horror of death in a tragic way and creepy to watch especially if you wear a 3D glasses that sure will make you feel that you gonna die too..

as usual, there were some part of death been seen as not logic to happened but by the power of the holywood movie maker of this film the death seems to come in any way to you..

the plot was a bit similar in all the past 3 movies where one of the victim was able to have premonition or as a sign that the death is happening to them.. so when they cheated death, the death came to hunt them down..

the story was interesting and the visual effect of the death was disturbing to watch.. sadly the time was short, think the director didn't have any idea more to put on the story..

G.I. JENAB rocks!!

when i first saw the movie trailer in the cinema i knew that this movie gonna be a hit movie.. indeed i was damn right.. G.I JENAB delivered all the action, adventure, super gadget, spectacular visual effect and superb sound quality system only the theatre near by you can satisfiy the greatness of the film..

when the movie first started it makes you want to see more until to the last part whereby you already wanted to see the second part of the film..

although there were some part that the cgi graphic seems like a cartoon version, but apart from that this film was worth watching.. the chicks in the black suit were rock!! seems that i want to be a bad guy, hehe.. but i stick with the good part as hero always wins and get the hot chicks in the end..

so for those movie maniac out there, this movie guaranteed to amaze you and you better watch it fast if you dont want to miss it while it still shows in the cinema..

G.I JENAB rise of the hamster will surely kick some ass.. Go JENAB!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

aku sayang kamu.. berbuka with dayang..

last thursday, me and my family went to bangsar seafood garden resturant next to bangsar village shopping center.. my father works with an organization called as Majlis Kebajikan Kanak Kanak Malaysia tend to help children who needed especially the orphan one..

so the program held to celebrate the orphan children as there were break fast, a marhabban group that was very entertained with an energetic and interesting song and lastly a closing performance from dayang..

dayang was indeed a very talented singer who entertained the orphan children.. all the guess were satisfied with the outcome of the programme because we also can share with those who are needed attention and love and for me, this type of programme must be done frequently because this children deserve some attention..

the food also was superb as i had tasted dim sum, abc, and many more delicious type of dishes..