Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 movies that will rock the cinemas

                                                                 2013 upcoming movies

1. Man of Steel (June 2013)

- the number 1 upcoming movie for 2013 is simply the new Superman and by looking the poster this reboot of the most popular hero will rise to a new greater heights compared to to the disappointment of the Superman Returns before this. just can't wait for this.

2. Iron Man 3 (May 3)

-the third installment of iron man will make people waiting for it patiently and this is surely my number 2 upcoming movie in 2013.

3. Pacific Rim

- people were enthusiastic about 'Real Steel' and wait until you watch the trailer for this film. it's like transformers against Godzilla.

4. G.I JOE 2

-the second installment of this movie is surely will become much better than the first one with the inclusion of The Rock and Bruce Willis.

5. Thor 2

- we have to wait for the plot of this second movie and see who is the villain. thor is much improved now and  expect for plenty of action for this sequel.

6. Wolverine 2

finally hugh jackman returns again to the role of wolverine for the second time and the location will take place in Japan.

7. The Hobbit 2

this second chapter in the hobbit trilogy will again venture their quest and this time around they will come up against the smaug dragon. it will be so interesting to continue the adventure again with the cute and tiny hobbits.

8. Fast & Furious 6

when it comes to race and car it is hard to push away this film. expect a tons of action in this six installment of the movie franchise.

9. World War Z

brad pitt stars in this chaotic environment fill with ferocious zombies and this is unlike any other zombies that had watched before this. hopefully will be very interesting.

10. Robocop

this reboot of the same title will surely caught people attention especially those who grown up with the robocop trilogy before this. hope it will be far more better than the original one.

11. Star Trek 2

this second movie seems to be more darker than the first one and with the same director that is J.J Abrams, this movie will be surely explode in the cinemas near you.

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