Sunday, July 17, 2011

tensions built up high..

Malaysia football lovers, Malaysia Football Team and the nation itself were blessed when 3 of the top teams in Barclays Premier League came here for their Asian Tour 2011 and the Liverpool tour had so far became the hottest highlight so far..

Liverpool came Malaysia for the first time ever and all the supporters were ecstatic about it when they been informed about their favorite team visits..

one of the hot issue when this one person decides coming to the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil to watched the Liverpool players in training along with his family ends up wearing Man. United jersey and he been forced to take the jersey off.. it's a pity to watched this kind of incident happened here in our soil.. but that were the Malaysian attitude been displayed.. he was been humiliated in front of thousands crowd.. (the video can be seen in my facebook page)

second one to be 'hit' was when Dato Rajagobal made up a comment stated that the supporters who came to watched the Liverpool vs National Team wasn't patriotic enough in supporting 'Harimau Malaya' which cost all the reds supporters went mad about it.. even John Barnes made a statement that was very very humble "When the Malaysian team attacks, the fans cheer for them, when Liverpool attacks, also the fans cheer up for them.. in the end, it's a win win situation for all the fans".

it doesn't mean that if they wearing Liverpool shirt, they are not supporting the National Team.. deep down inside, they still have the rational in supporting our squad, it's just we have to understand that this team does not often came here.. so to put the blame on them it's not right.. we are always giving our undying support when Harimau Malaya plays everytime..

so we hope that the coach and players had learnt a very valuable lesson during those two games and the defense department was seen as the main problems and need to be rectify quickly.. if we are hoping to get the better of our neighbor on this 23 July.. winning the 1st leg in Singapore will surely be the perfect present for my 26th birthday...

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